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Life is Strange
Life is Strange

Life is Strange: Remastered Collection Delayed To 2022

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Life is Strange: True Colors, the next entry in the Life is Strange series, is a little under a month away. as such we have been hearing plenty about what players can expect from the journey of Alex Chen as she uses her power of empathy to explore people’s emotions and maybe solves a murder.

Today the team behind the game announced when the DLC chapter for the game is available with the deluxe edition, Entitle Wavelengths, would be released. As it turns out it will be released on September 30, twenty days after the base game is released. If that date is familiar that was the day the was also supposed to see the release of the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection.

Taking to Twitter Deck Nine stated that, due to ongoing challenges stemming from the pandemic, they have made the decision to release the collection in early 2022 instead of next month. They are not the first studio to announce this decision and I highly doubt they will be the last.

The Collection is set to include the first two games in the story, the original Life is Strange as well as the prequel Life is Strange: Before The Storm. Deck Nine first became involved in the franchise when they developed Before The Storm. Since supporting a character from Before The Storm named Steph will play a major role in this upcoming game, with Wavelengths focusing on her, there will be some gaps that the collection could have patched up for new players should it have been released on schedule.

Players interested in the upcoming DLC will be able to watch a trailer for it tomorrow. Life is Strange: True Colors remains scheduled to release on September 10 It will be the first in the series to not feature a season structure, with the developer opting to release the full story at once.

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