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Destiny 2 Players Are Managing To Get 12 People Into Raids

Destiny 2 players have found a way to bypass the six-player cap when establishing a raid team, a glitch is allowing players to cram 12 guardians into a raid, making the activity significantly easier.

As reported by PCGamer, the PC community of Destiny 2 found the glitch and has been exploiting activities for quite some time, it’s assumed that Bungie is keeping track of the exploit but the practice is not as widespread as other game-breaking practices. Several streamers and influencers in the Destiny 2 community have shown the exploit who is now getting more attention and it’s becoming controversial.

Here is how you can create a 12 guardians fireteam:

  • The normal maximum number of players for a raid is six, so first assemble two fireteams in orbit, one with five players and the other with seven. Ideally, both fireteam leaders will be located as near as possible geographically.
  • The leader of the larger fireteam clicks to join the smaller team, either using the join friend text chat function or via the in-game roster.
  • They will now have a message asking if they want to bring their current fireteam with them. Don’t click it yet.
  • The leader of the smaller fireteam now launches the activity. As the timer hits two seconds, let the leader of the bigger fireteam know via voice chat.
  • The leader of the bigger fireteam clicks ‘Yes, bring them with me’, and if you’ve got the timing right you’ll load in with a 12-player team.

The team at Bungie had a tough week following the polemic decision to postpone Trials of Osiris after a match-fixing exploit that allowed players to easily reach a flawless run and loot the best items of the season. Bungie may decide to take similar action to prevent players from looting raids and affecting the in-game economy.

Source: PCGamer

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