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Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Disabled After Match-Fixing Issue

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Bungie’s Destiny 2 competitive PVP activity, Trials of Osiris was forcefully removed during the weekend following an exploit that allowed some users to get 50 percent flawless runs.

Guardian’s main objective in participating in Trials of Osiris is to reach seven undefeated matches, the development team at Bungie found an unspecified “issue” that caused a bug in the PVP mode.

The community of Destiny has detailed the Hakke Emblem also known as the Casino method being the main cause of Bungie removing the PVP activity on the weekend. Destiny 2 streamer, Lunarated explains that the method consists of your fireteam using the basic Hakke player emblem, then send a message to a group of matched fixed community on Steam. Steam lets players chose a random number between 1-10 and the team with the higher number gets to win the match.

Trials Report, a Twitter account dedicated to Trials of Osiris stats analysis affirms that nearly half of all PC players went flawless last week, the stats include players who achieved the near to impossible task by their own skills, but the Hakke Emblem method is clearly involved in the surge of flawless runs achieved.

According to our data, nearly 50% of the players entering Trials went flawless on PC this week. Seems a bit high, so we looked into it. It turns out that of the 23,661 flawless PC players so far, 11,281 (48%) have 0 kills this week. 16,300 (69%, nice) have 5 or less.

Because pretty much everyone ever was wondering: these are the most used emblems in the Lighthouse on PC this week. Surprised by number 2?


This is not the first time that Bungie had to remove the controversial PVP mode from their servers, players on both PC and consoles had reported several users using cheats and other game-breaking methods to get an edge on the already difficult mode. The event is now being questioned by Guardians.

Source: Lunarated – Trials Report via Eurogamer

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