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Destiny 2 Beyond Light’s New Raid Confirmed for November 21

Bungie has stated that Destiny 2 Beyond Light‘s Deep Stone Crypt raid will not be delayed despite the several issues that have plagued the new expansion.

The information was shared by Bungie’s senior community manager “dmg04” on Twitter, where he affirms that “At this time, there are no plans to delay the Raid”

The launch of Destiny 2 Beyond Light did not go as smoothly as Bungie would have desired. Last week the development team decided to delay Trials of Osiris until November 27 due to a bug on the Warlock Stasis.

Beyond Light has also been criticized for its lack of new content, dmg04 said that “most of the new content” in the expansion is focused on the new story mission and the Season of the Hunt season pass. Some of the new items have been added to other activities.

dmg04 also affirms that the development team is looking to add new”exciting” ways to loot gear, more weapons will be added in “future seasons”. Certainly, this statement was not well received by some fans in the Reddit community.  Beyond Light also ruined the experience for some players, as the soft cap could be achieved in just an hour of gameplay as reported by Gamespot.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light nerfed most of the gear already existing, a large chunk of the game was put in a vault and it’s inaccessible to the players, something that it’s almost an insult to players who bought the collector’s edition of the looter-shooter.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. The expansion added story missions, patrol zones, abilities, gear, and activities, PVP will also introduce Adept Weapons and Mods to loot.

Source: GamespotTwitter

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