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Destiny 2 Beyond light
Destiny 2 Beyond light

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Will Introduce New Armor Mods

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Bungie has announced a revamp of the armor mods in the upcoming Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion. The development team explained in a blog post that some of the armor modes will get buffed, others will get removed.

Armor mods are used to elevate your reload speeds, ability regen, and more to higher levels. In November, some of the mods you commonly use are being tuned.

According to Bungie, increasing the number of mods means that Guardians will have way more ways to customize and tune the experience according to the situation. This will be accomplished by removing the enhanced versions of some mods, this will incentivize users to only use one mod to receive the desired result, instead of stacking the same mod.

Bungie affirms that the development team will improve the enhancement mods to match the buff of an enhanced version. This could suggest that some weapon mods will be more expensive to use, but will require only one socket.

We consistently see feedback that players often don’t start feeling the impact of mods until they have an Enhanced mod, or two non-Enhanced mods, socketed. So, to resolve both issues, we decided to raise the floor on the effectiveness of all mods to the point where players were more likely to feel their impact,and to deprecate the two tiers of mods.
This should also make having two different mods in the same category (say, Hand Cannon Loader and Shotgun Loader) socketed at the same time more appealing than it was previously, where players often needed to double-stack the same mod to feel like they are getting any benefit.
In essence, we are making Enhanced mods cheaper and more accessible, and deprecating the lesser mods.

Source: Bungie

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