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demon's souls remake
demon's souls remake

Demon Souls- Here’s Why We Are Excited

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Bluepoint Games revealed a first look at Demon Souls gameplay during the PlayStation 5 showcase. It was without a doubt the most impressive launch game at the showcase and could be the most popular title on the launch day of the PlayStation 5. The gameplay trailer was taken down when first uploaded, due to misinformation claiming Demon Souls to be available on PC and a limited time console exclusive. These claims have been removed from the current video and states the title is a console launch exclusive. However, that is such a curious mistake to make and Sony has been making an effort to transition exclusive titles to the PC. Some suspect that it may still be a timed exclusive. It has been confirmed to be priced at $70, the new triple-A standard. Here are the reasons to be excited for the next-generation update to this legendary game.


Bluepoint Games is taking advantage of the PS5’s 3D audio to create some of the most advanced audio available. Object based spatial sound maneuvers audio positions exactly where they should be adding another layer of immersion to this extremely polished experience. This is best demonstrated on the first backstab. When close together, the character’s efforts are aligned with the hollow’s grunts until it is kicked and falls off of his blade; there, players can hear how seamlessly the death rattle transitions into the distance. Even in this early look, the game audio is mixed to perfection. Armored footsteps have heavy thuds and backstabs sound crunchy as bones are destroyed. The gust of whispers when collecting souls can almost be overwhelming when defeating multiple enemies at a time. It is relieving to see audio has not been neglected when transitioning to the next generation of consoles.


Throughout the entirety of the PlayStation 5 showcase nothing came close to matching the amount of detail seen on-screen as Demon Souls. This gameplay trailer disabled the UI confirming a return to the feature, and ensuring players will be able to be fully immersed into the stunning visuals. Animations look polished and much tighter compared to the sometimes floaty nature of the Souls games. Backstabs especially show the sword seemingly cemented into enemies. Ripostes are also improved as the player thrusts enemies into the ground with their sword. Enemies also drop any equipment in their hands as a sword ends their life, showing the lengths Bluepoint Games are going through to ensure every detail possible will immerse players into the setting. The volumetric lighting seen on display was nothing short of stunning. The glow of torches revealing incredible details on walls or sun rays beaming into dusty caverns cement the visuals in this title as truly from the next generation. 

Veteran players of the Souls franchise might notice a distinction in its presentation. The camera hangs off to the side of the character, giving the shot a cinematic nature compared to the direct angle of previous games. The inner light of the character, or the light coming off of them, seems to cast shadows of the character and glows off of surfaces much more naturally compared to how jarring it has appeared in the past. The greatest criticism Demon Souls received when it was first revealed was that the first look at the title seemed to detract from the original’s darker tone. Bluepoint Games has heard the concerns from longtime fans loud and clear and has put them at ease with this next look. After the gameplay, the trailer highlights many different areas the game has to offer. The highlights made sure to give a glimpse at the utter darkness it has in store for players almost as a direct response to criticisms calling the lighting brighter than the original. 

Players familiar with the lore of Demon Souls know the demons are spreading fog throughout the world, and that is being represented in the environments. It may be much foggier than players remember them and vigilant players can even see fog coming out of the eyes of the demon Vanguard. It’s a nice narrative detail Bluepoint Games has emphasized through its world design. Players warping to new locations only have to watch fog disappear instead of a loading screen ensuring the title is taking full advantage of the SSD at its disposal.


Every aspect of the world design, no matter how minor, is being recreated with a stunning amount of detail to truly recapture the experience of Demon Souls. The classic ledges that allow players to drop down and access new areas Souls veterans will remember are being replaced with contextual interactables allowing players to vault over obstacles. Also, the Reaper Scythe, which was not included in the original Demon Souls, is available as a pre-order bonus, another sign showing Bluepoint Games is not afraid to change the experience for the better. Archstones are making a return to transport players to locations, and Multiplayer will allow up to six players. Allowing for players to summon three companions and be invaded by two others.

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