Demon souls remake

5 Exciting Facts about Demon Souls

Nearing the end of the PlayStation 5 showcase, FromSoftware fans were treated to a trailer for the Demon Souls remake. Exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and built from the ground up, this remake has the potential to adjust some of the unpolished aspects that were left over in the Dark Souls remaster. Here are the top five biggest takeaways from the reveal.

5 –  Fidelity versus performance mode 

Players will be able to decide from two modes to run the game; one focuses on maintaining the highest graphical fidelity-  while the other prioritizes frame rate. This level of gameplay experience customization hasn’t really been seen too often in the console space. However, players of God of War on the PS4 Pro will be familiar with the option.

4 –  Japan studios Helping dev with Bluepoint

Japan Studios is returning to assist Bluepoint in the development. While FromSoftware developed the original it was also assisted by Japan Studios. This will be the second time the studio is asked to help the development of Demon Souls. Japan Studios worked on BloodBorne as well as the Shadow of the Colossus remaster with Bluepoint.

3 – From the Ground up remake 

Demon Souls is getting much more than just higher resolution and better lighting, It’s being rebuilt from the ground up. This allows true utilization of the new hardware but it also lets devs touch up any blemishes on a modern classic. For example, the original game gave each item weight causing overencumbered status often. Making players deposit in a Souls game was not popular and is regarded as a tedious misstep that can be fixed. Another glaring issue is the way healing items are given without restriction. Being able to carry hundreds of incredibly powerful healing items at a time steals away the tension of the late game battles as players will never run out of health. This issue was elegantly solved by the estus flask, maybe a return is in order. Demon Souls has a unique system in that the more gamers die in human form, the harder an area becomes, while defeating a boss lowers the difficulty. While an interesting idea the system is poorly implemented and requires too much effort to take effect. A rebalanced system in the vein of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice could bring another layer of engagement to the experience.

2 Gritty tone

More than any other game in the series Demon Souls places its strongest emphasis on its mood. Drudging through the Tower of Latria is an exercise in oppression as players hear it’s prisoners wailing while you are hunted by Eldritch horrors. The valley of Defilement is the direct root of Blighttown. Overrun with rats that can give players the plague, this environment screams hopelessness. Some fans noticed that outdoor areas are sunny, and believe the game’s tone has been compromised. This could be due to the improved lighting and more aligned to the true experience that was intended. Gamers can see the trailer incorporates bleak and moody scenes, the outdoor sections are most likely there to highlight the differences between the areas.

1 –  No release date 

The reveal trailer left out a release date so it’s unknown when it will be available but just like the BloodBorne IP, Demon Souls is also a Sony property. Don’t expect a PC release alongside the regular one.

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