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Heartman from Death Stranding
Heartman from Death Stranding

Death Stranding Might Get Announced for Another Platform, According to PS Spain

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After too many years of working on Metal Gear series, now Hideo Kojima is working on his brand new IP, Death Stranding. From the day it was announced, Death Stranding always introduced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive game, but some clues have made it a bit blurry that whether it would be an endless exclusivity or a timed-exclusive. Most recently, a deleted answer from PlayStation Spain on Twitter hints us indirectly for an announcement in the future.

Last week on July 29, a Spanish user on Twitter asked about the target platforms of Death Stranding from PlayStation Spain, which was answered loud and clear that it will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but when the user asked about the exclusivity again, PlayStation Spain said:

Hi! Currently, the only platform announced for the launch of Death Stranding is PS4.

Soon after the answer had gone viral, it was deleted by PS Spain. Now, we have to suspicious hints here that make us to think about a second platform for Death Stranding. First of all, let’s focus on the answer. As the English translating implies, PS4 is the announced platform for the launch of Death Stranding, which makes us to ask is there going to be another announcement after launch? The answer is yet to be known. Also, there’s an emoji at the end of the sentence that might refer to something surprising to be revealed after the launch of the game, but Death Stranding’s release on PC or Stadia isn’t something surprising from Sony for its audience, so this might mean that the game will be coming to PlayStation 5 as well.

Aside from the sentence, why should PlayStation Spain remove the answer if there is nothing suspicious here? Well, here we need your help in the comments to solve the mysterious case.

Death Stranding will be released on November 8 for PlayStation 4.

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