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Death Stranding
Death Stranding

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Drops Final Trailer, Which Was Edited By Kojima Himself

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Announced earlier this week, the final trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 5 re-release Death Stranding: Director’s Cut dropped today, a day before the PlayStation Showcase is set to premiere. This was a smart decision as it allows the trailer to be in proximity while clearing an obvious choice of what might appear in the Showcase, allowing for more time for bigger or newer announcements.

Hideo Kojima himself complied and edited the scenes on display in this final trailer, offing us a look at his brand of bizarre trippiness through his eyes. The entire trailer, clocking in at 4:45, is also set to the song ‘Goliath’ by Woodkid which offers a sound on par with most other tracks featured throughout the game.

The trailer spends plenty of time reminding us that, while it is hard to really understand what a BT is, they are deadly and will murder you in a second. The trailer then shows story beats though with very little context for people thinking about playing the game for the first time. It also showcases the new content that the director’s cut will feature, before ending on the game’s cinema-quality cast that includes Norman Reedus, Margaret Qualley, and Mad Mikkelson still in their central roles.

In all fairness, this trailer will probably not pull people off the fence one way or the other. Upon release, Death Stranding garnered mixed reviews ranging from a beautiful experimental game to a pretentious walking sim and everything in between. I imagine that most people have already formed some opinion on the title that will affect their interest in the game.

That being said, the trailer is a very fun watch regardless of if you plan to buy the game. And the fact that this is edited by Hideo Kojima himself helps make this trailer feel more poignant of a vision into the mind of the creator. Death Standing: Director’s Cut will be giving your PlayStation 5 bizarre fever dreams on September 24.

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