Crusader Kings III Coming To Consoles In March

Crusader Kings III Coming To Consoles In March

Arguably one of the most in-depth strategy role-playing games on PC right now, Crusader Kings III will be making the jump to Console for the first time in the series history this year. Best yet, the date the 2020 game will finally hit consoles is not far away, March 29th, 2022.

The game tasks players with creating royal linage that lasts through the ages, giving players the freedom to form alliances, or backstab the many other rules of the land. For those that have not yet tried it, the game also comes with a large manual, built into the game, to help you navigate the unbelievable amount of options the game gives you such as marrying off your children to improve your social standing to the right ways to trade with neighboring countries.

The game covers a significant portion of the world with Europe fully represented, with Asia and Africa also there though to a lesser degree. Since every individual in the world is constantly being stimulated, there will be a lot constantly drawing the player’s focus. The game does have a steep learning curve compared to other games that occupy a similar space, which might make gamers wonder why they would port it to consoles, early impressions say it makes the jump well.

Crusader Kings III, as previously suggested, will only be released on the current consoles of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This decision was stated by developer Lab42 to allow “super-fast load times.” The game is being ported so that both its interface and controls work well with televisions and controllers respectively. On the PlayStation 5 Adaptive Triggers will be used to represent stressed characters, with resistance being applied when trying to interact with them.

The game is also set to be a day one release for the Xbox Game Pass when it releases, previously being on Game Pass for PC.

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