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Control Might Receive Sequels in the Future, According to the Developer

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Three years after Remedy’s latest Microsoft exclusive title, Quantum Break, the Finnish studio is attempting to release its next title this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Control may seem to have some similarities in gameplay or atmosphere with Quantum Break, but the development team tries to deliver a new mysterious experience that has been mixed up with supernatural elements once again, after Alan Wake.

In a new conversation with EDGE, director of communications at Remedy talked about Control’s potential and the studio’s intention to plan sequels for the game in the future. Thomas Puha also pointed out the rights for the Control’s IP that will be remained in the hands of Remedy, according to the studio’s agreement with 505 Games. He said:

Control is a relatively traditional single player game. It does have a limited lifespan, in that sense. And nobody here is, like, overestimating what can we do post-launch to a single player game. But the fiction of the game and the way the world is built is very suitable for us to add things to it. Control is a world that we do want to expand on, and of course you want to make sequels. And what we have wanted to do in the last couple of years, one of the reasons we signed with 505 Games – well, they let us keep the IP, but we also have the freedom to experiment a little bit post-launch.

Control will take you to a highly-secured building that is possessed with some evil supernatural power and everything within the building seems to act strangely odd. While you break into the Old House to discover the secret behind it and probably remove the threat, you will gain new powers and abilities to use against the enemies.

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