Jesse Faden
Jesse Faden

Control Collectibles Guide Part 2

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Control takes place in a supernatural building that’s full of inter-dimensional research and objects of power that can alter the world around them. Among this research are around 120 collectibles that you can find in order to get the Bureau Archiver Achievement/Trophy. We at Gaming Instincts are here to tell you where you can find these collectibles in order to get this achievement. Please note that I will be going through rooms in order that you encounter them in the story. If I skip a room, that’s because you won’t have the requirements to find them yet until later on in the story.

Maintenance Sector Furnace Chamber

First off, we’ll start where we left off and enter the Furnace Chamber in the Maintenance Sector that powers… something next to the NSC Power plant. The first collectible can be found up to the left near the Furnace itself. It appears that a researcher has gone and found a discovery about the furnace itself. This means that it may be an object of power. Unfortunately our researcher may have gone mad in attempting to research it and found some “volunteers” to feed to her new overlord.

Now head downstairs and keep looking towards the direction of the furnace. Two white boxes are underneath and a Correspondence file can be found with a complaint from an agent who can’t get his expense reports because the mail tubes around the Bureau sometimes takes mail to other thresholds. It’s as bit unfortunate, but it’s pretty funny.

Research Sector: Astral Exhibition

Back into research is where you’ll head through Astral Exhibition. To your right immediately in the lab is a record that tells us what Astral Exhibition used to be and how they repurposed it recently to house this creature from the threshold. This is the only record found in this room so we can continue on to Parapsychology.

Research Sector: Parapsychology

 In Parapsychology on this file cabinet in front of the extrasensory lab we’ll find a file detailing the procedures of recording somebody’s paranatural abilities through the Recording Chairs.

Now head upstairs through the area that has the yellow floor tiles past the clock. At the very end of the way next to these mail tubes is a file that details one Burau Member’s vague instances of having precognitive powers. It’s of course vague because the instance he wants to detail is confidential, but he assures Dr. Darling that it’s important.

Now head to these statues of this brain and take a right here next to the control point. On this cabinet is a file that will grant you the side mission, “A Captive Audience.”

Right in the corner of this room is another file that talks about an advanced technique called groupthink in which multiple telepathic people can communicate with their minds in sync. In fact they seem to have made a stronger connection somehow. While the details are taken out, the game makes you wonder about how the Hiss and the Board almost work in a groupthinking way.

Research: Hypnosis Lab

In the hypnosis lab next to all of this recording equipment is a recording that goes through the astaralnaught’s liabilities and tells someone the consequences of being in a threshold. There seems to be a lot of things to worry about while in the Astral Plane, but it seems that Jesse Faden as the director can cross these inter-dimensional planes with no problem at all.

Research: Ritual Offices

 If you take the elevator in the Ritual Division to the Ritual Offices, you’ll come across a desk over here on the side that details that Carla Vaugn has discovered some new samples from the Black Rock and is too busy to participate in any new video shoots.

Here in the main office at the end is a research record that details on what exactly rituals can be in order to appease Altered Items. Even things such as having an illness or just pulling a light switch can be a sort of ritual.

Research: Protective Studies

In Protective Studies, you can find this rubber duck behind some protective glass. To the left is a recording left by a researcher who is attempting to interact with this invincible duck as she uses acid, fire, and communication in order to get a reaction, to no avail.

Research: HRA Labs 

If you go into the HRA Labs, here in the back right, next to these boxes, you can climb up them to find nothing, but if you look to the box that has a note on it you can read about the discovery of these new black rock prisms that you’ll be collecting in a bit to fix the labs.

Research: Dr. Darling’s Office

First off when you head into Dr. Darling’s Office, you’ll see a recording of the Doctor explaining the use of HRA’s in a serious tone and assures that they are indeed meant to protect the wearers, not monitor them. Then conveniently next to the film reel, is a record talking about a sort of discovery that the research team found. It describes a sort of resonance that can be triangulated using the control points you see around the map. The resonance seems to be somehow related to Polaris, or the Hiss for that matter.

Next up in this corner on the floor next to this chair is a letter to Dr. Darling. It features a Dr. Abraham Lewis asking the research department for a budget increase for the Parkinesiology department. If you think about it, Trench explains that budget increases aren’t a big deal. The letter also has the sender giving Darling a single malt drink and leaving it on his desk, so maybe that’s a way to increase budget in your workplace.

In the corner on the other side of these filing cabinets is the corner filled with hexagons plastered on the wall. It summarizes how the Objects of Power are linked to the Astral plane when being bound by its user. It’s pretty interesting and notes that Dr. Ash is one who is a predecessor of Darling, discovered this breakthrough and research continues through the Bureau.

Lastly if you look to the right of the smiling and frowning pieces of stickynotes, you can find the last document that you can pick up in Darling’s lab. Apparently he picked up the idea that the objects of power are directly linked to something redacted in which leads to a connection to the oldest house and to Astral Plane itself. Whatever Darling found was the main connection, was removed from the document. Could he have discovered the Hiss? Or maybe he found another entity, something like Polaris. Whatever he found, it seems to be highly confidential as there is no current mention of it anywhere else in the room so far.

We’ll just have to end things right here. So what do you think of all of these notes? Do you think that the Bureau is full of unanswered questions yet? Also what do you think are the redacted parts of all of these case files. Also, what do you think that Dr. Darling found out that lead to the Hiss? Let us know in the comments.


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