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Clash of Clans artwork
Clash of Clans artwork

Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Has Finally Arrived

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The biggest Clash of Clans update for the year is here with the brand-new Town Hall 13, Hero, Troop, Siege Machine, and Defense Building, and it’s here on time for the holidays. In order to keep in the spirit of things, Town Hall 13 buildings will have a frost theme once they level up all the way.

One of the most notable changes to this update is the town hall itself. On top of the building sits an inferno tower, called the Giga Inferno, that attacks multiple enemies at once. It can be upgraded five times, but at level three it will gain the ability to explode once the town hall gets defeated. The explosion damages and slows down nearby enemy troops for a short period of time.

The next new addition is a new hero, the Royal Champion. She is the first hero to favor targeting defenses over other buildings. The hero does so by either stabbing them with her spear or throwing her shield at them and having it bounce off of numerous targets – Captain America style. She can also hop over any wall that is in her path as well as attack air and ground troops, making her versatile.

The new Troop for this update is called the Yeti. He will be available at Town Hall 12 as well for those who aren’t ready to upgrade to 13 yet. While the Yeti is slow and attacks whatever building is closest to him, the wall-jumping Yetimites on his back are much faster and target defenses. They only come out and attack if the Yeti is taking damage, however. When the Yeti dies, the rest of the Yetimites release themselves and continue attacking.

The Siege Barracks was also added, and it is the only Siege Machine that doesn’t move towards the town hall while it attacks. Instead, it drops in place outside of the base and releases a PEKKA followed by a number of Wizards depending on the Siege Barracks level. After a timer on the barracks has run out though, the Clan Castle Troops come out to attack.

The final new item for Town Hall 13 is the Scattershot. It is a catapult-like structure that flings a tied-up pile of stones at the enemy. Upon impact the stones disperse, hitting any enemy troops standing behind the initial target. The Scattershot targets ground and air troops, so it will be effective at taking out large groups of weak enemies like bats and skeletons.

The update for Clash of Clans also included a lot of new levels for troops, traps, and buildings as well as some balance changes. Click here in order to see everything that this big winter update has in store.

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