Capcom Working on a Capcom VS Game – Rumor

Voice actor Brian Hanford, the English voice of V in Devil May Cry 5 has suggested that Capcom is working on the next Capcom VS crossover game. He teased that Capcom fighter might be facing new opponents soon.

Absolutely pumped for the next game!!! New characters but could be VERY familiar…

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite launched in 2017, the game didn’t sold as well as it’s predecessors, but it definitely is a game that is more friendly to new players in the franchise.

Recently AestheticGamer,  said that the developer will announce a new game very soon. The leaker is known for revealing accurate information from Resident Evil 8. The leaker tweeted an image that look a fetus of a dinosaur, this led Twitter users to think it was a tease for Dino Crisis. When asked for more information, AestheticGamer revealed that the title is not a Dino Crisis game.

“This game was originally supposed to be revealed alongside RE3 at last E3, but both the game and the announcement got delayed. Due to various changes in planning due to a mixture of Sony and Capcom’s (Sony having to put more focus on reworking the PS5, Capcom because this project needed more time in the oven and I believe, but can’t confirm, that they’re making this a cross-gen game but the next-gen versions got delayed).

I don’t know precisely when Capcom will reveal the game, I’m not physically in their offices as they make these decisions. But as the originally planned to be revealed last year and released this year, with it’s delay it’s very likely it’s going to be revealed pretty soon.”

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