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Capcom Retro Station Launching In 2021

Capcom has just revealed the key details of its new retro console called the Retro Station. The console will include ten pre-installed games and a high-quality 8-inch LCD screen.

New information has been officially revealed at the console’s official website detailing the console’s features and included titles.

Material ABS Plastic
8′ 4:3 LCD Display, 1024×768
SIZE(mm) W238  x  D270 x H234
AUDIO 2*10W super bass speakers
Audio Output 3.5mm stereo jack
As confirmed above, the small LCD is designed to emulate the classic CRT experience but players can also opt to connect the console to an HDTV or monitor via the HDMI port.  Players can also play multiplayer games via the Retro Station Fightstick and the PVP Dongle, both devices will be sold separately.
You can use the RETRO STATION FIGHTSTICK to play 2-player games with just one console. RETRO STAION can also output HD quality video to a big screen via HDMI interface. Or you can use the PVP DONGLE to make wireless connections between 2 RETRO STATIONS, and play 2-player games also.

The Retro Station will feature some of the most cherished Mega Man and Street Fighters games from the 16-bit era.

Here is the list of all games bundled:

“Mega Man: The Power Battle”
“Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters”
“Mega Man Soccer”
“Mega Man X”
“Street Fighter II”
“Street Fighter II’: Champion Edition”
“Super Street Fighter II”
“Super Street Fighter II Turbo”
“Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo”

Retro Station is officially described as a desktop game console designed and manufactured by TRON, under the authorization of Capcom.

Capcom has scheduled the launch of the Retro Station for March 2021 in Japan and it will be available for ¥21,780 which is about USD 210 or CAD 270. A worldwide launch is expected at a later date, and it’s also speculated that Capcom could follow up with other versions of the console featuring different games from the same generation.

While the new console is aimed at a very small market, Capcom is busy producing Pragmata a new IP, rumors also affirm that the studio is working on a remake of Resident Evil 4. A recent ransomware attack might have also revealed projects in pre-production.

Source: Capcom

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