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Call of Duty: Vanguard Potential Info – Rumors

Tom Henderson took to youtube to list out several facts that he had been told about the upcoming Call of Duty title, so far only known as Vanguard. While all of these facts should be taken with a grain of salt this was the leaker who accurately stated many features for the then yet-to-be announce Battlefield 2042. We covered many of those leaks on our website as well.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Initially, he had been told that Vanguard might not be getting its own World War 2 themed map added to battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone. Now he reports that it will indeed be getting a map the same day that Vanguard releases. This map will be bigger than other maps in there. This will not be to incorporate more players but instead offer a different experience to the player than other maps in the mode

The new game will also feature some form of destructible environments. This is expected to be closer to Rainbow Six: Siege as compared to Battlefield. He states that this is because breaking through walls, destroying doors, and destroying trees is expected to be the scope of this destructibility. The game will be releasing on both past-generation consoles, which might have limited the scope and scale of these things.

He also stated that nearly every studio that Activision has is working on Warzone in some compacity. Some people have suggested that Vanguard might get this treatment but that is not the case as ONLY Sledgehammer is working on it. Accordingly, based on what he has heard, the game will not be unique. Sledgehammer has attempted to implement ideas to make the game stand out, however many, if not all, of these ideas, were cut.

It has been suggested that the game might launch with 8 maps, however, this is subject to change going forward. More than that there have been suggestions that the 64 player Ground War mode might make a return in this game. Headquarters seems to be coming to this game as well.

Call of Duty: Vanguard will contain a zombies mode as well. Treyarch is helping with zombies, mostly in the capacity of plot points and easter eggs. They will not be involved with core development. However, there are future plans for zombies that Sledgehammer has been told they cannot affect.

As far as the announcement is concerned, Tom expects we will hear about the game in August. It can be expected to be announced through Warzone just as the previous title was. He expects the release date to be in November, which makes sense since that is usually when they release. It will also avoid Battlefield 2042 which release in October.

Looks like we will need to wait a bit longer before we learn more.

Source – Tom Henderson

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