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Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard Developed by Sledgehammer Games – Rumor

Following months of rumors, leaks, and multiple fan theories in regards to the next Call of Duty game, a reliable report from Modern Warzone affirms that the new Call of Duty game could be named WWII: Vanguard.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

There have been hundreds of fake leaks, rumors, and details about COD 2021 shared online. This brings us to the question which are still believable and which are not?

The World War II Setting is accurate as we understand it, especially after today’s news revealing the working title for COD 2021.

Per Sources, Call of Duty 2021 is Tentatively Titled WWII: Vanguard. This is clearly a code name / working title and will be changed in the future, but this is our first look at the potential title of the next entry for Call of Duty. As we previously reported, the game is being primarily developed by Sledgehammer Games.

The code name is subject to change and the game is still in production, the development team is Sledgehammer Games with the support of other studios according to the insider’s report.

The outlet reports that VictorZ, a renowned Call of Duty insider had already confirmed that the next COD game will return to the World War II settings, other insiders who asked to remain confidential affirms that the game will feature cutscenes of the aftermath of World War II, in the year 1950.

Sledgehammer Games was the lead developer behind 2017’s COD: WWII, the studio was founded during summer 2009 by Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey and acquired by Activision the same year. The studio originally worked on Call of Duty: Vietnam, a third-person shooter set during the Cold War.

Activision has confirmed that the next Call of Duty will be releasing in late 2021, being said this, the publisher did not reveal any other details since then. It’s expected that Activision will reveal more information about the game in the summer.

Source: Modern Warzone

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