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School logo in Bully
School logo in Bully

Bully 2 Was in the Works Until 2013, But Cancelled for Unknown Reasons

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There a lot of rumors around Rockstar’s next project and honestly I don’t know which one I should believe in. The next Grand Theft Auto is definitely in the works, but regarding Take-Two Interactive’s recent speech, Rockstar Games is going to lower the time gap between its launches and that would probably mean new IPs are going to join the party or at least some old ones are about to get revived. If the latter is going to happen, there are a bunch of interesting nominees, but Bully 2 is the most probable one, which has been cancelled almost six years ago, according to a new report from Rockstar Games.

Based on a report by VGC, the development process for Bully 2 has been kicked-off in 2010 with a direct sequel to Jimmy’s story in mind, but the studio has stopped working on the game since 2013. According to the source, Bully 2 was supposed to feature Jimmy as the main character once again. The team had planned to begin the story from Jimmy’s step-dad’s house in Summer holidays, though there was no clear decision on how it would be followed.

Rockstar England was responsible for cultivating the concept of Bully 2 “between a year and 18 months” but for some unknown reasons the project resulted in nothing and the team behind it moved on other titles.

To experience a failure in developing Bully 2 might make Rockstar to drop the IP, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it couldn’t be revived once again with a whole new idea in mind. The previous rumors on Bully 2 were suggesting new settings and characters in the game, which now seems more trustworthy than before.

Rockstar is currently working on Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version, without giving any hint on its next project for next-gen platforms.

Source: VG247

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