Ex-Rockstar Employee Hints At Bully 2 Development Details

Easily one of the most anticipated, yet unconfirmed, sequels in gaming is a continuation of Rockstar Games’ 2006 Bully title. Well-over a decade later fans are still yearning for a return to the over-the-top shenanigans and clique-filled halls of Bullworth Academy with little to go on. While we’ve seen plenty of rumors or “leaks” pointing towards a reveal of an upcoming Bully sequel, the latest bit of detail regarding Bully 2 comes straight from an ex-Rockstar developer.

Reddit user and well-known leaker Fika122 spoke with an anonymous former Rockstar New England developer and managed to scrape together what seems to be legitimate details regarding early development of Bully 2. Popular YouTuber SWEGTA took to his channel revealing what Fika122 learned, and with it comes some interesting details.

The most notable detail from this presumed leak is that Bully 2 was in development way back around 2009 but was surprisingly and unexpectedly canned. While only a few questions were asked by Fika122, the answers said more than enough basically confirm the existence of Bully 2 – or, at least at one point in time.

Below are some of the answers given from the anonymous Rockstar employee who has since been confirmed by SWEGTA and Fika122 as being legitimate but whose name is being kept secret to avoid any potential lawsuits.

“Since R* has never officially acknowledged Bully 2 I definitely can’t say one way or another. I definitely can’t say that I worked on it for several months before getting laid off when the project was cancelled, nor could I talk about the pranks or the climbing system I definitely wasn’t working on.

I distinctly said I wasn’t working on them. Definitely not adding a trip wire prank (attempting to use early rope physics form Red Dead Redemption). Nor did I add the ability to do a running dive into a garbage can to hide from someone chasing you, or to put your back to a column or a tree and shimmy around it to stay out of sight.

The non-existent game was definitely not about Jimmy’s summer vacation at his Mom’s new husband’s enormous house. There wasn’t a summer camp or nearby town to explore. You didn’t have new step-siblings to cope with.”

These three pieces of information are extremely intriguing. Not only does the anonymous dev point out that there was indeed a Bully sequel being worked on, presumably around the time of the original Red Dead Redemption, but it was featuring new pranks and strategies, a new area to explore during summer vacation and was inevitably canned. However, just because this original idea for Bully 2 was let go doesn’t mean Rockstar will step away from the project forever.

Per usual, take this rumor with a grain of salt. However, both Fika122 and SWEGTA are known and creditable insiders and appear to have completed some thorough research on these supposed leaks. And while the ex-Rockstar employee did note that the game was cancelled, it’s also been leaked that we could see a reveal of the game later this year. Stay tuned.

Source: SWEGTA via Fika122

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