Bugsnax Is Coming To Steam In 2022

After nine months of exclusivity with the Epic Games Store, the bizarro fever dream that is Bugsnax will be making its way to the Steam Store, developer Young Horses announced. Bugsnax was released last year and touted by PlayStation as it was also a launch title for the PlayStation 5.

The game itself has a charming a quirky style but can also come a little cooky. The player takes control of a reporter who travels to an island in search of a famed adventurer that went missing there. Upon arrival on this island, you find that it is inhabited by lots of little bugs… Those are also food items you can snack on… Oh my god, that’s where the name comes from.

Where the plot gets slightly weird is that the slogan ‘you are what you eat’ takes on new meaning when you realize the bugsnax‘s more people who eat thems arms and legs in food looking this as well. The crazy plot aside, the game features enjoyable mechanics and light-hearted puzzle solving.

Despite announcing the game will be arriving on steam it will not be until 2022. This is most likely because Epic Store deals are usually structured to last about a year. This news comes at a good time to as the Creative Director behind the game recently teased “some meaty news and a few juicy surprises to get people talkin’ bout Bugsnax again later this year.”

It is unclear if this means we can expect DLC for the game, or maybe an official sequel. While not my favorite game by any stretch I will say that Bugsnax had some fun ideas that kept me engaged for a while. It also helped that it was the first game I played that used most of the Dualsense‘s features.

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