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Bloober Team
Bloober Team

Bloober Team Halts Acquisition Talks

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Bloober Team, the studio behind The Medium has decided to reject the plans for a potential merger and or acquisition.

According to reports from Poland, Bloober Team considered being acquired by several investors. The management of the Polish studio has decided to consider the cooperation with one of the investors and will remain to be an independent studio.

Bloober Team is also considering the possibility to expand its operation by investing in smaller development teams as The Medium gave the studio financial resources to spare.

“The company has decided not to continue discussions with potential financial and industry investors interested in acquiring a majority stake due to the high risk of losing its overriding strategic objectives,” VGC’s translation of the announcement read. “At this stage it would be incompatible with the culture of the organization, and would significantly limit the potential growth of the company’s value in the coming years, especially taking into account the projects implemented and planned.”

Bloober Team confirmed in June 2020 the negotiations with six different companies for a potential merge and acquisition, three of those companies were located in the US, the others in Europe. It’s assumed that one of those involved parties was Xbox, who was credited for the immense launch of The Medium on Xbox Game Pass.

The Medium recouped its production and marketing costs within 24 hours post-launch, as mentioned above, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers were able to get play the game for free at launch. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer confirmed that Microsoft handed Bloober Team a significant part of the production cost of the game.

“According to the issuer’s estimates, the sales of the game ‘The Medium’ have reached a level that covered the costs of production and marketing of the game”. Said the company at an official announcement.

Source: VideoGamesChroniclesBankier.pl

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