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Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Reaches 18 million Subscribers

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During a recent earnings call, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about the exponential growth of Xbox Game Pass, the most successful Xbox console launch, and the importance of Project xCloud for the future of the gaming division of the software giant.

Xbox Series X|S had the ‘most successful launch’ for an Xbox console, the small powerhouse managed to raise the gaming revenue of Microsoft by 51%. Nadella also confirmed that Xbox Game Pass subscriptions also rose up to 18 million users.

The service has been beefed up by the recent acquisition of Bethesda and id Software’s parent company as well a the inclusion of several Xbox Game Studio’s titles from day one, which includes the upcoming Halo Infinite.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also adds new perks like EA Play, a free trial of Disney +, and Project xCloud, Microsoft’s solution to the needs of a cloud streaming service.

“On xCloud, it’s very early days, but we are very excited about fundamentally the expansion opportunity it provides,” Nadella said to investors. “So the service today really allows us to take our catalog and not be limited to any of the traditional endpoints in particular the console and the PC, and expand beyond that.

“So as you can imagine that I think from a reach perspective is very exciting to us and the fact that we now have a technology solution to do so we are in the very early innings of it, while at the same time ensuring that we are doing a fantastic job for all our console gamers and PC gamers is going to be how we’ll approach the value of our subscriptions.”

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer recently affirmed that Game Pass’s growth is “completely sustainable”, the service will continue to be sold for $10 per month. Spencer also has hinted that a new tier of the Xbox Game Pass could be added.

“You could imagine us even having something that we just included in the Game Pass subscription that gave you an ability to stream xCloud games to your television and buying the controller.” Said Spencer.

Xbox Game Pass Platinum would not add premium benefits, could bundle a streaming stick for HDTVs and monitors.

Source: Tech Radar

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