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Black Desert Mobile Node War Imminent

The pre-season of Node War has officially launched in Black Desert Mobile, giving players the ability to team up with their guildmates to win battles and conquer Nodes ahead of the official Node War update.

The Node War update is scheduled to release in mid-January; it is a “large-scale PvP mode that allows guilds to battle against each other and claim ownership of Nodes, certain locations on the map, in Black Desert Mobile.”

To participate in a Node War, guilds must bid on the right to compete with two opposing guilds. The three guilds with the highest bids will battle each other for control of the given Node. Players engaging in the war must “attack the opposing guilds’ Holy Artifacts while defending their own to win. Guilds that win the Node War will take possession of the Node for seven days and receive large sums of silver collected as tax from the areas surrounding the Node.”

Node Wars will take place from 10:00PM to 12:00PM server time on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays during the pre-season.

Moreover, extra Black Pearls are being offered by a special Pearl Shop event will continue to run until January 14, 2020. “Those who purchase a certain number of Pearls will receive the same amount of Black Pearls as a bonus.” More items have been added to the Pearl Shop for players who wish to continue decorating their characters or acquire other boosts and bonuses.

Fans of Black Desert Mobile can access the game’s official website for more information.

Pearl Abyss also released a hotfix in the form of a Data Patch that includes a resolution to a problem with the in-game UI.

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