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LucasFilm Games and Bethesda Announces a new Indiana Jones Game

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Bethesda has teased its newest project from Wolfenstein’s developer MachineGames, the game is based on Indiana Jones. The new Xbox Game Studio first-party developer described the new project as a reboot not based on any existing film or the upcoming fifth installment of the franchise.

The announcement of the new project was made via Twitter. Bethesda will be leading the project.

As seen on the teaser trailer, there is nothing that suggests the supported platforms, but it’s evident that being the game announced after Xbox acquired Bethesda, the game will only launch on the Xbox ecosystem.

MachineGames is a Swedish game development studio, they are the team behind the Nazi-killing fest Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. However, the project will be overseen by Bethesda and LucasFilm Games.

LucasFilm Games is expected to be more aggressive in the management of its IPs, especially after the disappointing results of the games produced by EA on the Star Wars franchise in the last decade.

Working hand-in-hand with world-class studios, Lucasfilm Games creates interactive and immersive experiences that help extend the narrative of the Star Wars galaxy for fans around the world.

With titles on console, PC, and mobile, Lucasfilm Games pushes the boundaries of gaming and AR/VR experiences with engaging storytelling, stunning graphics, and innovative gameplay.

Indiana Jones. We always knew, someday, you’d come walking back through our door.

In major news for fans of the cinematic icon, Lucasfilm Games announced today that a new Indiana Jones game will be swinging our way, being developed by the award-winning studio, MachineGames, and executive produced by game industry icon Todd Howard of Bethesda Games Studios. The game will tell a wholly original, standalone tale set at the height of the career of the famed adventurer.

The future of the Xbox brand along with its first-party development studio looks bright. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer and its policy to put players at the center is leading Xbox to prioritize game development as a way to dominate the industry. If you are an Xbox fan don’t miss Gaming Instincts’ Joey Marrazzo’s article on Xbox – Future of Bethesda.

Source: Forbes

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Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera
1 year ago

That could be interesting.