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LucasFilm Games
LucasFilm Games

Disney To Revive LucasFilm Games

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Disney To Revive LucasFilm Games

According with Disney’s job listing they are planning to bring back a studio that was acquired back in 2012 and it was quickly closed down after its acquisition, now there is a bit of hope as Disney is looking for experienced programmers, artist, marketing coordinators and many more.

According with reports, LucasFilm Games will be working on the objective to develop “interactive products” based on Star Wars and other Lucasfilm IP, for “all digital platforms”. This suggest that Disney might not be comfortable with EA’s management of the Star Wars franchise.

Last month it was Disney’s CEO Bob Iger who said that relationship between Disney and EA were OK after the controversial decision to cancel Project Orca, an open world super ambitious Star Wars game. So it seems that Disney’s president wasn’t happy with Bob Iger’s word and EA’s decisions and it has taken the situation on its own hands.

According to the postings, Lucasfilm Games will be working on “interactive products” based on Star Wars or other Lucasfilm IP, for “all digital platforms”.

The job listing for a producer specifically calls for individuals with at least “6+ years of game producing or interactive software development” experience and will be working on interactive products from the beloved Star Wars property, on platforms that including not only mobile but also Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC/Mac, and AR/VR platforms. The associate brand marketing manager listing, on the other hand, only details work on PC, mobile, and AR/VR.

It definitely seems the focus is on mobile gaming with AR/VR and PC following closely behind. The emphasis on mobile shouldn’t come as a surprise as many AAA game publishers like Blizzard, Nintendo, and EA have all announced incentives for the platform. AR and VR could be on the rise especially with all the wireless and stand-alone options that companies like Oculus, HTC, and even Nintendo have been announcing. With all that in mind, it seems that Disney wants to release more Star Wars games across all gaming platforms in general, hence its resurrection of Lucasfilm Games.

This news will be a big deal not only for Star Wars fans as the Lucasfilm Games is known for its point and click adventure games who older gamers loved and miss so badly. Games like The Secret of Monkey Island and Indiana Jones games might be coming back.

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