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Basaran – Hard Time Attack Speed Slaying Guide

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Basaran – Hard Time Attack Speed Slaying Guide

Basaran is a joke of a fight. Some players might think that his very RNG-based but that’s not true. First and foremost, you get a ton of time to kill him. Second, there is a very easy trick to make him fall over within the first minute of the fight without trying too hard. Right off the bat, jump on your horse and start running toward his right side until you hit the closest geyser.

Your objective is to lure Basaran over the geyser, which will knock him over when it  erupts. As you’re riding your horse, keep turning your camera to face Basaran and see where his head is pointing. That will indicate the direction he will be walking. You don’t want to be too far away from him, though. Keep a medium distance, and keep checking his position. Align Basaran directly toward a geyser and keep running in circles until gets closer and closer. Once he’s at the geyser, wait patiently for it to erupt. Once the geyser blows, equip your bow and shoot Basaran’s weak spots under his feet, similar to when you tipped over Quadratus.

Once Basaran falls to one of his sides, go over to one of those sides, jump up to hang on to his fur, and make sure you hold X to propel yourself as high as possible, because the climbing itself will take ages. Once you get on top of the ledge, stay there until he starts rolling back. Make sure to time your jump very carefully or the physics will make you fly away and you’ll have to repeat the fight again. If you’ve done your jump successfully and landed on his back safe and sound, run over to his head and stab him until he dies.

Please refer to the fully detailed commentary video guide down below if you’re having difficulties or if you just simply prefer a visual guide instead.

Video Guide

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