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baldur's gate 3 lady
baldur's gate 3 lady

Baldur’s Gate 3 and Why It Matters

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Larian Studios decided to kick off the Guerilla Collective with new gameplay footage of their upcoming – Baldur’s Gate 3. The franchise’s history has focused on adapting the Dungeons and Dragons rule-set, continuing the tradition with the fifth edition in this new title. Larian Studios already produced their own role playing system to critical acclaim with Divinity: Original Sin, therefore them working with the D&D license is a no brainer. For those not familiar with the genre, here is why we think Baldur’s Gate 3 can make an impact in the RPG landscape.

If imagination is at the core of the tabletop experience, systems dedicated to expressing player creativity is the heart of Baldur’s Gate. Spells and bonus actions are curated directly from the fifth edition handbook along with races and classes available with friends in four-player co-op to create an authentic D&D experience. Taking place about 100 years after the previous game’s events it will be approachable for new and old fans alike. The story centers around a group of survivors kidnapped by Cthulhu-like creatures known as Mind Flayers. They have infected the party with tadpoles that slowly convert people into one of them, granting them great power at the cost of their humanity. Creating a moral dilemma right from the start, players can cure themselves of the infection or use it’s power against the ones who gave it to them.

Characters of Baldur’s Gate

Just as in Divinity: Original Sin, players will be able to choose from a varied cast of characters with unique histories, talents, and goals. If none of the pre-made characters grab players’ interest, they can make their own from scratch. Player created characters will be able to choose a background in combination with their race allowing more opportunity for the world to give personalized feedback to player choices. This also offers custom characters more context to enter the story besides the fact that they are mostly citizens of Baldur. Custom characters will encounter the pre-made characters during the adventure with the ability to recruit them to the party, granting them a place in the story if players decide to include them. Astarian was the character used in the gameplay demo. He’s a vampire spawn, meaning he is a slave to another vampire, a big wrench to be tossed in the middle of the player’s plans. The tadpole in his brain allows him to be exposed to sunlight without harm, but he still has to negotiate his hunger for blood. The demo included the option to feed in the very first conversation with a potential companion, right next to revealing oneself as a vampire. This shows how vast the role playing spectrum is with Astarian from the journey’s very beginning. The player opted to wait until Shadow Heart, the companion, was asleep in camp before feeding on her blood. Gamers even have the decision to drain her completely, killing her outright, or draining her slightly which only debuffs her the next day. Gamers choosing a more noble path can track down a wild sheep to subside their hunger.

Fate hangs on the roll of a die

 Whatever players decide to do, every decision’s success is measured with a dice roll. Accounting for the character’s relevant skills and the action’s difficulty, this ensures nothing is certain and any situation can flip on a dime. This element of uncertainty is a key pillar of the D&D experience and keeps the stakes as high as the tension. A twenty sided dice throw is simulated on every decision from speech checks during conversations to damage outputs in combat. This emphasizes strategy as much as quick thinking when plans fall apart. The D&D ruleset offers observant players advantage on high ground allowing utilization of verticality in stealth and combat scenarios. Environmental objects like explosive barrels or structurally weak statues can be manipulated to a player’s advantage if they are quick on their feet. Player’s can even stack items together to create access to hidden areas. Gameplay features scattered over every inch of Baldur’s Gate emphasize how player’s truly shape their own experience.

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