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Larian Studios Teasing Divinity Sin 3 or Baldur’s Gate 3 Announcement

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Larian Studios Teasing Divinity Sin 3 or Baldur’s Gate 3 Announcement

UPDATE: It seems that the source files of the teaser image are actually pointing towards Baldur’s Gate 3 as opposed to Divinity Sin 3.

Original Story:

Larian Studio is known for making the Divinity: Original Sin series which is one of the the more popular Strategic-RPG with tons of depth and unique characters to join you. Well now Larian Studios, shortly after the announcement of Divinity Fallen: Heroes which continues the Divinity Storyline. While the new game focuses on a more combat-focused style gameplay that features a party of GodWoken called the Apocalypse Squad that will travel around the world in an airship called Lady Vengeance.

Well what fans really want is a true sequel to Divinity Original Sin 2, were you were free to create your own character travel the world with your custom-party that may be joined by friends in co-op. Well Larian Studios has players covered as their website teases a vague “III” symbol. While the III seems cryptic, it clearly means that Divinity Original Sin 3 is being worked on by Larian Studios.

Now Divinity: Original Sin 2 remains to be one of the best RPG games to be released in 2017 with full 4-player co-op support and possibly best co-op multiplayer settings. As of now there’s no official information on Divinity 3, but it can be assumed that it will have the same features that made Divinity: Original Sin 2 great, such as the split-screen co-op, seamlessly drop in and out of combat multiplayer-wise, and a full world to explore.

Currently Larian Studios is co-developing a game with Logic Artists called Divinity: Fallen Heroes, a spinoff to the Divinity Original: Sin series. It will include characters from the series such as Ifan, Fane, Lohse, Sebille, Red Emperor, Beast, and for the first time being playable, Malady. The game will also include a new combat system that will introduce firearms to the mix. You also have the ability to combine abilities at the same time in order to do stronger attacks.

Whether these features will be in Divinity: Original Sin 3 is unknown, but one thing for sure is that Larian will have news for their newest game soon.

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