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ASTRO BOT Announced for PlayStation 5

Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Team ASOBI recently announced ASTRO BOT, confirming a recent rumor. It will launch on September 6 for PlayStation 5. An announcement trailer was also released. In ASTRO BOT, “you will explore six galaxies and over 80 levels in search of ASTRO’s scattered crew.”

The game’s details via studio director Nicolas Doucet:

Hi everyone! On behalf of Team Asobi, I have the immense pleasure to unveil our new game ASTRO BOT coming to PlayStation 5.

A video speaks a thousand words so please check out our first trailer to see the game in action.

Since making an appearance at the launch of PlayStation 5, ASTRO has introduced many players to the magic of PlayStation. We received a ton of heart-warming comments about how much fun the game was, how it utilized the DualSense wireless controller in fun ways and how it paid tribute to 25 years of PlayStation history. From the bottom of our robotic hearts, thank you very much for all your support!

We listened to your comments and now, ASTRO is back in a super-sized space adventure, his biggest to date.

In this brand-new game, you will explore six galaxies and over 80 levels in search of ASTRO’s scattered crew. Hold on tight to your Dual Speeder and dive down to each unique planet, from lush forests, sandy beaches, hot volcanoes to more surprising locations such as a gigantic hourglass or the canopy of a singing tree!

To get help on his mission, ASTRO can use over 15 new abilities offering unique play styles. As you would expect from an ASTRO game, these take full advantage of the DualSense controller, its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers so you can feel every little step along the journey. Among the many new powers, you will find Barkster, the Bulldog Booster that lets you air-dash and smash through enemies, metal and glass, the Twin-Frog Gloves that offer long-range punching and the ability to swing and the Giant Sponge that lets you suck up water from the environment to grow huge and cause massive (and slightly moist) destruction. Combined with improved ASTRO controls, these new powers take the ASTRO platforming experience to new heights, while remaining accessible for all. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on these and let us know how they feel.

We also cranked up the number of baddies too with over 70 new types, including massive bosses at the end of each galaxy. Special mention to the deadly cobra queen Lady Venomara who appears in the trailer, waiting for you in her golden lair. Defeating each boss will uncover a wonderful secret but we don’t want to spoil that, so our lips are sealed. And for the brave ones of you craving even more challenge, the game comes packed with die-and-retry levels to test your reflexes.

But that’s not all, during this epic adventure, ASTRO will reunite with many friends from the PlayStation universe. The trailer shows only a few but we double down on the cast and hope to delight every PlayStation fan out there. And who knows, maybe this time, these characters will play an even bigger part in saving the day? (wink)

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading. At Team ASOBI, we believe in the second-to-second fun and joy of video games. And with this new ASTRO BOT game, we invested all our love and craft to bring a constant smile to your face, as you run, jump, bop enemies and find the many secrets and jokes we dotted around. We will be waiting for you on September 6!

We’ll be back soon with more details about the game as well as pre-orders opening up June 7. Until then, power up your DualSense, Team ASOBI and ASTRO are taking you on a PlayStation space adventure to remember!

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