5 V 5 Multiplayer Shooter Concord Announced for PC and PS5

During the recent State of Play event, Sony and developer Firewalk Studios announced the multiplayer shooter Concord. The game will launch on August 23 for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam. Players who pre-order the game on June 6 will receive access to a beta test with up to four friends in July. A gameplay and cinematic trailer was also released. In Concord, “you play as the crew of the Northstar—a group of guns-for-hire known in our galaxy as Freegunners. The Freegunners roam the stars taking high-stakes jobs on worlds across Wild space.”

The game’s details via the publisher:

Concord is a five-versus-five character-driven, first-person multiplayer shooter set in the Concord galaxy.

We built Concord as a love-letter to aspirational sci-fi adventure, inspired by our favorite art, anime, films, and TV series. Combined with our deep love of multiplayer, we’re dedicated to creating those had-to-be-there, down to the wire moments with your friends and creating a sense of adventure as you discover more about the galaxy, the characters you play as, and the worlds you visit every time you log on.

Freegunners: They’re Not Heroes, They’re Professionals

In Concord, you play as the crew of the Northstar—a group of guns-for-hire known in our galaxy as Freegunners. The Freegunners roam the stars taking high-stakes jobs on worlds across Wild space, where they face other fiercely competitive Freegunner crews. From match-to-match, you’ll form your team of Freegunners with other players and battle it out with rival crews to take home the reward across a variety of maps and modes.

Freegunner Code: Crew First, Job Second

From the very beginning, we wanted to make a tight, well-balanced first-person shooter that feels great to play from the moment you pick up the controller.

While our core gunplay will feel familiar to shooter fans, the versatility and variety of each Freegunner and their abilities makes it so aim and thumbskill alone aren’t always enough to come out on top. Each Freegunner’s abilities are designed to make it so that players of a wide range of skill levels and play styles can be effective—even those that are new to the genre—while providing additional challenge and depth for those looking for high-stakes, high-sweat competitive play.

From powerful mystics and towering robots to skilled gunslingers and snipers, we want each Freegunner’s personality and gameplay abilities to come alive in every element of how they play and the strategic considerations they create. Some Freegunners’ abilities are made for in-the-moment tactics, including casting walls of fire, throwing exploding knives, or lobbing trash bombs. Others can have an enduring impact on a match, like deployable walls that can block entire lanes, explosive traps, bullet-blocking domes, speed-granting spores, and more that persist across rounds and respawns.

Inspired by some our favorite fighting and strategy games, all of these abilities and mechanics come together to create a unique asymmetry to the characters and opportunities for improvisation that make every fight and every match-up a chance for something different and unexpected to happen.

Alongside getting to know the crew of the Northstar through gameplay, you’ll also have an opportunity to see their stories unfold through cinematic vignettes that will premiere in-game, starting weekly from launch. These brief cinematic vignettes will feature ongoing narrative arcs that grow the characters’ stories, relationships, and unpack the broader Concord galaxy and life as a Freegunner.

An Evolving Universe

The Concord galaxy is full of danger and adventure, and we’ll be unwrapping more in the coming weeks and months. At launch, Concord will have a roster of 16 distinct Freegunners to learn and master, and the Northstar crew will grow over time through regular, free post-launch updates that introduce new playable Freegunners, maps, modes, cinematic vignettes, and more.

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