A New Astro Bot Game Will Reportedly Be Announced Soon

According to a recent report from prominent leaker Billlbil-Kun on Dealabs, a new Astro Bot game for PlayStation 5 will be announced within the next 15 days. The game will reportedly be simply titled ‘Astro Bot’. Additionally, according to the leaker, part of the game will take place “in an environment located in the heart of a desert,” and one of the characters featured in the game will be a “a fennec fox in the form of a robot sharing some similarities with Astro.” The last title in the series, Astro’s Playroom launched bundled with the PlayStation 5 console in 2020.

Astro’s Playroom details:

From the team behind the original THE PLAYROOM and the critically acclaimed ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission, comes a brand new platformer preloaded on your PS5™ console. Take control of ASTRO and feel the world through your DualSense™ Wireless Controller: every step you take, every jump you make, and every enemy you defeat are felt in a whole new way thanks to the immersive haptic feedback technology. On your way, use new power ups that show the potential of the dynamic adaptive triggers, motion sensor, touchpad and integrated speaker working together to deliver a totally new gameplay experience. Take time to enjoy the many hidden references to PlayStation® history and collect timeless artefacts to display in your beloved PlayStation Labo!

Throughout the four worlds and 16 stages that make up the main adventure of Astro’s Playroom, Astro will come across power up suits that each give you distinct abilities. For example, the Monkey Suit lets you climb steep walls. Using the motion sensor and adaptive triggers, you can feel the tension as you clinch onto each rock to make your way to the top. Weaker handholds require a lighter pull of the adaptive triggers to make sure they don’t shatter under your grip!

Another example: in the SSD Speedways stage, Astro boards a mini-rocket ship the left and right thrusters of which are controlled with the adaptive triggers. You can feel the force of each jet increase the more pressure you apply to its respective trigger. It is a truly new sensation!

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