Anthem, The Discussion and Delay

BioWare, makers of great RPG experiences such as the beloved Mass Effect series and the successful MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, always delivered on enveloping us in their handcrafted worlds. Having an eye for story, I naturally became a fan of this company’s efforts in the industry. The vast single-player experiences that one could spend days, or even weeks, exploring allured my senses. This titan of a developer fell from grace in recent years after releasing unsatisfactory titles. Now, the pressure is on with the anticipation of their most recently announced IP: multiplayer adventure game Anthem. Though originally slated for the holiday 2018 release window, it is being pushed to early 2019.

The Discussion of BioWare and Anthem

Following the abysmal reception of their last released title, Mass Effect Andromeda, fans were swayed away from BioWare, and in truth I have lost confidence as well. Though thoroughly playing through and enjoying my time, it lacks a lot of what makes a BioWare title special. Many could see EA slowly whittling down this once prominent AAA developer, the cause of their downfall. But because EA was supplying the resources needed to make the game, publisher BioWare had to follow certain orders. The birth of micro-transactions in Mass Effect 3 is said to be the starting point. While all this may be true to a degree, many of us will truly know the details between BioWare’s fatigue in recent years.

Despite all that, Anthem plans to deliver on this front, promising a true BioWare experience, even in the form of a multiplayer game. Ambition cements their direction, fans overlook it with anticipation and fear. A recent truth I have come to learn is that the video game companies that made the games that I had played and enjoyed as a kid have been dying. Many due to an ambitious and stunning title that did not deliver. Such examples were the beloved forerunners of the Xbox, Lionhead Studios and the legend of the Nintendo 64, RareWare. Both developers delivered a fun and enriching experiences to the art of gaming. I do not wish BioWare to die, though Anthem is an important title that will surely teeter the company back on or off the scale.

While watching the panels of E3, I have to admit that I was not at all aboard the hype train for Anthem, even though it was being developed by BioWare. Having played Mass Effect Andromeda, I had my doubts. It is not that Anthem looked too good to be true, it’s that one cannot judge the game by a seven-minute trailer. Regardless of these thoughts, Anthem now has an important role in deciding the fate of BioWare as a whole. Though a tad bit extreme and dramatic, the success of this game matters.

The Delay of Anthem

A game announcing itself delayed is a double-edged sword. It builds the hype for the game even further, though expectations from the gaming communities rise with the hype. Anthem being in the spotlight of releases exemplifies this point, leaving BioWare in frigid waters. Gaining the time and resources required to enhance the game is always a thing of praise.

“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” —Shigeru Miyamoto

Creating a game is an artform, which shouldn’t be rushed. Crafting these home experiences takes so much time and effort from all the developers involved. A delay does not mar the end days, but shows the conviction of the company wanting to do its fans justice. Many developers of Anthem have stated they feel anxious, yet excited. These few short words go a long way in convincing gamers that BioWare wants to create grand adventure. This title marks a redemption point to the fans it lost and the gaming market as a whole, a reason to deliver the best experience possible.

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All the cogs at BioWare are currently gearing toward a successful title, with many reported staffing changes from their other branches and projects. The whole company is enveloped solely to one product to make sure it does not fail. All of this dedication addressed by the company eases the previous worries surrounding Anthem, creating the possibility for a glimmer of hope in all the darkness that surrounds EA.

At the end of the day, this delay can be seen as a silver lining. The game that all gamers are worried about has more time to blossom into the grand BioWare experience they crave.