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Character from the fisrt-person shooter series, Doom
Character from the fisrt-person shooter series, Doom

Another Rating Appears for Doom 64, This Time in Australia

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Earlier this summer a rating of the Nintendo 64 shooter title, Doom 64, appeared shortly after the surprise release of the original Doom trilogy remasters hit modern consoles. The leak came from a European ratings board and listed both the PS4 and PC as potential recipients for the unannounced port.

However, it seems another leak has popped up for the game this time hailing from the Australian Classification page which has leaked other unannounced titles in the past. The rating clearly shows the Nintendo exclusive title, but this time only stating “multi-platform” instead of listing specific systems. Releasing exclusively on the N64 system back in 1997, the game took on the role of a sequel to Doom II while Doom III was merely a reboot of the original Doom title.

While we’ve yet to hear an official announcement from Bethesda Softworks who now owns the Doom IP, it seems even more likely we’ll see a remastered port of the classic shooter heading over to modern consoles. Bethesda shocked Doom fans everywhere with their surprise releases of Doom, Doom II and Doom III, so perhaps the same will be said for Doom 64.

Bethesda did, however, catch some flack for the releases as they required players a one-time log in to their Bethesda account in order to boot up the game, regardless if they intended on playing the game or not. They have since patched the games with an optional request of logging in to the games which was a welcomed update to the classic shooters.

Bethesda is no doubt gearing up for the upcoming release of Doom Eternal which is set to release this coming November on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. So far we’ve heard nothing on a potential release of Doom 64 on modern consoles.

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