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Age of Empires IV to Have Less Than 13 Civilizations

It has been confirmed that Age of Empires IV will have less civilizations than Age of Empires II did, but that’s not a bad thing according to the game’s creative director, Adam Isgreen. Age of Empires IV was first announced back at Gamescom in 2017 and hasn’t gotten talked about again until XO19 this year. Because of this, fans don’t know much about the game yet, so it’s important to know why it is going to have less civilizations than one of its predecessors.

Isgreen had this to say about the amount of civilizations and what their goal is with each individual civilization in the next iteration of the game during an interview with PCGamesN:

“You can expect fewer than the 13 that shipped with Age II, as we’re aiming for more uniqueness with each civilization rather than quantity…Let’s just say the level of departure grows as you move across the civilizations we offer. The English intentionally play the most like the Britons from Age II; the Mongols are the largest departure from that template. All the others fall in between. Our goal is that the cognitive load (i.e., how many things we want players to have to think about at any given moment) is similar in commitment across the civilizations, but each has a unique focus for where you spend that mental time.”

Even though there will definitely be less civilizations than before, it sounds like that they will be different enough from each other to not matter for players. Since they will all be quite different from each other, it shouldn’t feel like there are less in the new game.

Now fans have to be patient and wait for Age of Empires IV to release. While there is no release date yet, gamers expect it to come out sometime next year.

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