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Pokkén Tournament DX
Pokkén Tournament DX

Aegislash slices away the competition in Pokkén Tournament DX !

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Aegislash slices away the competition in Pokkén Tournament DX !

The first wave of DLC for Pokkén Tournament DX releases today, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

The first wave of new content for the Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack DLC is available to purchase and download now on Nintendo eShop. This wave unleashes the Steel- and Ghost-type Battle Pokémon Aegislash, a technical fighter that can switch between Blade Forme and Shield Forme. Brand-new avatar items and two new Support Pokémon—Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu—are also available.

The Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack DLC is available now for £13.49 and includes both this first wave of content, and an upcoming second wave, due to launch on 23 March 2018, featuring the Battle Pokémon Blastoise and Support Pokémon Mew and Celebi.

Check out some Screenshots:

The Pokkén Tournament DX battle system is intuitive enough that even people who don’t usually play fighting games can have fun. Choose your favorite Pokémon and control it just as you imagined!

You can activate your Synergy Burst when your Synergy Gauge is full. When you activate your Synergy Burst, your Pokémon is greatly powered up! Your attack and defense are temporarily raised, and your HP regenerates slightly.

While your Synergy Burst is active, you can use your Burst Attack. A Burst Attack is a powerful attack that can only be used once during Synergy Burst. Land a Burst Attack at just the right moment to secure your victory.

When your Support Gauge is full, you can call Support Pokémon with the L Button. They have various effects, like dealing damage to your opponent’s Pokémon, raising your Battle Pokémon’s stats, and more. When you’re in a jam, try turning to your Support Pokémon.

Pokkén Tournament DX has three kinds of attacks: normal attacks, grab attacks, and counter attacks, with each of them relating to each other like rock-paper-scissors. Normal attacks beat grab attacks, grab attacks beat counter attacks, and counter attacks beat normal attacks. Different Pokémon are good at different kinds of attacks, so you can find a way of battling that you enjoy.

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