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Tournament DX
Tournament DX

Blastoise is Heading to Pokkén Tournament DX

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Blastoise is Heading to Pokkén Tournament DX

Today was revealed the first proper footage of Blastoise, showing the giant Pokemon’s move list. Blastoise is heading to Pokkén Tournament DX as part of the two-part Battle Pack – the first of which brought Aegislash as a new playable character with Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu back in January.

Check out the gameplay video of Blastoise in Pokkén Tournament DX, featuring some ganeplay footage:

Supported by mythical Pokémon Mew and Celebi, Blastoise has a mid-range grab, a withdraw stance for creating distance from fast-moving opponents and plenty of offensive warfare from its shell-mounted cannons. And with a meaty 660HP health bar to its name, it’s a proper beast as well.

Blastoise was revealed as part of the Spring Fist broadcast on Twitch.

When ‘Pokkén Tournament DX’ went on sale for Nintendo Switch it looked like it was not going to include any more Pokémon in the future and Nintendo has confirmed in its latest Nintendo Direct that the template will be expanded over the next few weeks with a pair of new Pokémon to select.

The so-called ‘Battle Pack’ will be divided into two and in the first part will add Aegislash, who is able to alternate between his form of attack and defense, making it a tough opponent to overcome. Next to him will be incorporated with new support Pokémon that will be Mega-Rayquaza and Mimikyu.

In the second part of this new downloadable content will be Blastoise which will join the rest of the playable characters. What has been revealed in this new gameplay video, is that with him you can choose Mew and Celebi as a support Pokémon.

At the moment Nintendo has not specified the price of this DLC, but they indicated that it will be possible to acquire its two parts in the same pack or separately, whichever the player prefers. The first part will be available from January 31st and the second will arrive on March 23rd. Will the game be expanded with more Pokémon in the future?

For more information on Pokkén Tournament SX, visit its official website.

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