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Activision Reddit Court
Activision Reddit Court

Activision Takes Reddit To Court Amid Recent COD Leaks

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Activision has suffered from recent leaks, the latest leak reveals that a Battle Royale mode it’s planned for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare it seems that this leaks is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Leaked information about the upcoming Battle Royale mode found its way on Reddit. According to GameIndustry the publisher has has taken the situation to the US District Court.

Last week the Norther District of California granted Activision request to subpoena Reddit’s representatives. Reddit will be forced to reveal the information of the user who on Reddit revealed information about the new Battle Royale mode.

“I found this image online. Not sure what it is. Possibly Battle Royale.” Said the Redditor while sharing an image that suggest the Battle Royale mode.

According to reports, Activision’s request to the Norther District was made on February 14 under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, legal representatives of Activision acted on their legal right to protect Activision’s exclusive rights regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The Court has granted the subpoena on February 19, now Reddit has the obligation reveal all the data that they have of the Redditor who shared the image before February 28th. His name, phone number, email and IP address will be crucial to the investigation.

A cinematic trailer that suggest the battle royale mode was also leaked.

“The new cinematic trailer certainly have some elements that are present in a battle royale mode, for example, the scene in which players jump out of a plane. Rumors about a battle royale mode has been present since a bug leaked information of a “BR” mode that would feature 200 players in a single map. According to reports the battle royale mode is being developed by Raven Software and will be released in early 2020 as a free to play, standalone mode.”

It’s impossible to know what it’s Activision’s legal representatives pursuing, whether if they want to make an example of the Reddit, the user of if they’re to find who is the Activision employee who is handling the company’ secret to the web.

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