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Bloodborne art
Bloodborne art

Bloodborne 2 Is Something Miyazaki Wants to Make but It’s Not Up to Him

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It’s been four years since the time FromSoftware delivered Bloodborne as a new exclusive IP on PlayStation 4 and since then, working on a direct sequel to the original game has been nothing but a rumor. Sony, as the owner of IP, is the one who has to decide on the future of Bloodborne series and up until now, it seems the Japanese giant has no intention for publishing a sequel to its hardcore third-person action game, though the developer would like to work on Bloodborne 2.

Speaking to GameSpot Brazil, Hidetaka Miyazaki reassured fans again that making a sequel to Bloodborne is not up to him. When the interviewer asked Miyazaki about the things he would’ve liked to change in Bloodborne after all these years, the FromSoftware head mentioned Chalice Dungeons and Blood Gems. Then, when he was asked why he doesn’t apply those changes in Bloodborne 2, Miyazaki said:

Bloodborne 2… unfortunately, I’m not the one to decide.

Well, that’s almost clear that Miyazaki himself would be glad to work on a Bloodborne sequel, but the problem is Sony has much more struggles than giving the greenlight to FromSoftware for developing Bloodborne 2. Anyway, Sony is the IP owner and with the full control it has over the title, it could even hand the sequel over to another studio, but with the unique titles coming from Hidetaka Miyazaki, it’s more like a suicide to let a studio other than FromSoftware to work on Bloodborne 2.

With FromSoftware working on Elden Ring right now, even if Sony allows the studio to cultivate Bloodborne 2, it won’t be ready until Holiday 2020, the launch date for PS5.

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Source: Dualshockers

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