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RUNE II Artwork
RUNE II Artwork

zeuz Announces Cooperation for Rune II’s Online Multiplayer

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Just after the launch of RUNE II, zeuz—a German company specializing in providing online server support for video games—has announced its cooperation with Human Head Studios to “empower the online multiplayer of RUNE II.”

RUNE II “features zeuz’ orchestration, Server Browser and other online services, to secure a smooth and stable multiplayer experience at launch and beyond.”

Known for server orchestration and innovative SDKs, zeuz’ “technology makes the server implementation into the game very easy. This technology allows developers to control the game server orchestration via API.”

RUNE II is both a single-player and multiplayer experience, capitalizing on the cult popularity of its 2000 predecessor. Developed by Human Head Studios and published by Ragnarok Games, RUNE II is set in a fictitious Viking era. The game released on the Epic Games Store on November 12, 2019, with a planned release on Steam sometime in 2020.

“zeuz is an innovative startup empowering multiplayer game developers with scalable backend services like matchmaking, server browsing and accounting. zeuz takes the pain of creating and maintaining those services on a global scale away from the game devs, enabling them to focus on what’s truly important – creating great content. zeuz game server orchestration technology combines efficiency and scaling, while being controllable via API. zeuz serves game studios in need of a tool to manage the scaling of their multiplayer, within a cost-efficient environment and offers individual service for making great multiplayer games.”

Despite RUNE II launching recently, Human Head Studios was bought by Bethesda and will join the company known for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises as they work on unknown projects under the publisher’s umbrella.

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