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Zero Six
Zero Six

Zero Six – Behind Enemy Lines Alpha Keys Available

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A German indie developer is currently working on a SOCOM-Like tactical shooter, Called Zero Six -Behind Enemy Lines, the game is now on registering users for an Alpha version of the game. At the moment, not much information is revealed about the game, no PC hardware requirements has been revealed, the name of the studio, or when the game will release.

Zero Six – Behind Enemy Lines is a ‘Third-Person Tactical Shooter’. It combines the tactical elements from a third person perspective with the action-packed shooting mechanics of an FPS game. Powered by Unreal Engine 4 the game will feature destructible environments and a dynamic time-of-day system.


Zero Six -Behind Enemy Lines will feature a dark and gritty story mode that revolves around a Spec-Ops unit, which is based on the NAVY Seal Team Six.

The game is expected to have a single player campaign, a competitive multiplayer will also be included, players will also enjoy of the various tactical and team-oriented game modes promised by the developer.

Players who would like to try the Zero Six -Behind Enemy Lines, they must joint the Zero Six mailing list for a chance to receive an Alpha key. The developer will sent the latest news and development updates.

Zero Six -Behind Enemy Lines will follow try to follow the formula set by SOCOM and Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division and Ghost Recon. The developers at the German Indie studio seem to have some experience working with Unreal Engine 4, their renders are truly impressive, in their website they also post what looks like a gameplay screenshot, which shows a first-person view of a player firing a handgun, this might suggest that Zero Six -Behind Enemy Lines will also support first person view.

Zero Six


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