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Zelda Animation in the style of a Studio Ghibli film

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Zelda Animation in the style of a Studio Ghibli film

An artist named Matt Vince has posted a video on YouTube that re-envisions The Legend of Zelda as an animated film in the style of Studio Ghibli – one of the most beloved Anime studios in Japan. Since this is a fan creation, it isn’t as polished as a real Studio Ghibli film, nor does it feature many of Zelda‘s colorful cast members. Zelda herself isn’t seen at all, and we only catch a glimpse of Link riding a horse in the distance.

The short teaser imitates the Ghibli style almost perfectly, with gorgeous scenery and whimsical music (the latter courtesy of Kyle Landry). It’s so well done that it actually makes us sad that it’s not a trailer for a real adaptation of the famous series.

Check out the Video:

“If this trailer is or was any kind of indication, then the world is seriously missing out by not trying to get the two to work together. Vince is especially good at emulating Miyazaki’s careful, skilled hand while still allowing his own talent to shine through. The devil’s in the details, and this all-too-short video is packed full of ’em.

Kyle Landry’s musical stylings accompany the video; Landry previously gained popularity amongst the denizens of the internet when he began to demonstrate his piano talents live on Twitch.”

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