Rumor: YouTube launches on Nintendo Switch Next Week

Rumor: YouTube launches on Nintendo Switch Next Week

Our favorite video website app is coming to our favorite portable console next week, none other than YouTube of course. a tweet made by NintendHOME showed an image of what appears to be a YouTube app with the switch icon format was found on the recommended apps section on Nintendo’s website.

The design of the icon itself appears rather simplistic, hinting that this may indeed be fake, however, considering that the switch is getting to the end of it’s second year of retail life, a YouTube app for switch is more than overdue at this point, whether it’s Nintendo or Google’s fault for not having a YouTube app out for the switch is yet to be revealed, but we suspect that both companies may be to blame for the lack of a YouTube app for the switch.

Below is the tweet made by NintendHOME of the supposed YouTube switch icon:

Of course this can be fake so take it with a grain of salt. The original post is in French but here is the translation:

“Rumor – the YouTube app is expected to arrive shortly on Nintendo Switch, more precisely on 8 November if we believe the Nintendo America website.”

If the rumor is true, maybe we can expect Netflix, Crunchyroll and other video apps to appear for the console sometime in the future.

That said, the forum posters, whose findings were earlier reported on by Polygon, found no product page or other evidence that a Nintendo Switch YouTube app is launching.

Nintendo’s Switch is notorious for its scant streaming offerings. When the device launched in 2017, there were no streaming apps or other ways to watch content. Nintendo finally brought Hulu streaming to the Switch in November of last year and has hinted that more options are incoming, but at least so far, none of that has come to fruition.

Bringing YouTube to the Switch would at least provide another place for gamers to find content they can stream over both at home and on the go. And perhaps most importantly, if the app were to include YouTube’s live TV service, it would also allow them to watch live content from the device.

Not surprisingly, neither Nintendo nor YouTube have confirmed plans for an app on the service and the findings from forum users might only be testing for a future rollout. Exactly when the YouTube app might launch is unknown, but forum users suggest it could happen soon and perhaps as early as this week.

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