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Yomi wo Saku Hana for Xbox One – Spring 2017

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Yomi wo Saku Hana for Xbox One – Spring 2017

The team at Experience Inc. recently took to the stage during their tenth anniversary event at Akihabara to announce a new title they are working on titled “Yomi wo Saku Hana”. Being developed exclusively for the Xbox One at the present time, this title will not be a dungeon crawler, but a hack and slash game.

Not much information is currently known about the title, and the above preview trailer doesn’t provide many hints. What we do know however is that it is based in the same universe as Students of the Round, a dungeon-crawling RPG released by the company quite a few years ago in Japan. It is currently unknown whether or not Yomi wo Saku Hana or Students of the Round will ever be released outside of Japan.

Expect to hear more on this title in the lead-up to its Japanese launch in 2017.

Check out the Trailer:

“It takes place in the same world as Students of the Round, several years later in the far east in a setting similar to that of Sengoku era Japan. It is ruled by the King of the Underworld and its people have become spirits who can only appear during the night. At the same time, there are those who fight that are not influenced by the King of the Underworld. Party management and character development are said to be completely different from the company’s previous games, and while the concept of classes does not exist, it seems there will be a system where players create their own class.”

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