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Yo-kai Watch 3 Third Trailer

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Yo-kai Watch 3 Third Trailer

The widely popular Japanese video game series “Yo-kai Watch” based on a manga of the same title to release its third installment this July. A new version named “Yo-kai Watch” 3 Sushi and “Yo-kai Watch” 3 Tempura featuring versions both in Japan and the USA. Americanized “Yo-kai” will be seen in the new game while a new girl protagonist ready for the second option.

Yo-kai Watch” 3 overhaul its battle system and highlights a new locale set against the backdrop of Japan and the USA. The new chapter starts in St. Peanutsburg which is located in the USA where dozens of Americanized Yo-kai roam around. Keita, the game’s lead character, will have the opportunity to meet the following Americanized Yo-Kai including snake Yo-kai Dasocks; a distant Yo-kai Pinto Corn; and lastly a carnivorous middle-aged Yo-kai called Nikuyaki.

Apart from the breeds of Yo-kai, Keita will meet Inaho Isora. She is accordingly a shy girl who takes care USA-Pyon Yo-kai. Keita will be introduced to Inaho’s classmates Yuuka Ishinomori and Kirara Hoshikaze.

In the game guide by Anime News Network, “Yo-kai Watch” 3 Sushi and “Yo-kai Watch” 3 Tempura bring in KK Brothers medal and Tomnyan medal respectively. Sushijiba digital download will be included in the Japan version while Tenkoma will be available in USA version.

The game will also feature multiple large-scale updates. “Yo-kai” gamers will be excited to know that the third installment offers brand new maps and over 600 “Yo-kai” to unlock.

Check out the Trailers:

You got the Otomodachi version:

Declaration of Independence version:

“Yo-Kai Watch 3 launches in Japan this summer, and for the first time in the series, will feature an adventure split between America and Japan. A new locale means new Yo-Kai, but it also looks like Yo-Kai Watch 3 will introduce a significantly revamped battle system, trading the wheel-spinning combat of its predecessors for sliding tiles.”

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