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Yakuza 0 ‘The Business Edition’ Announced for North America

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Yakuza 0 ‘The Business Edition’ Announced for North America

Atlus has announced a special launch day edition of Yakuza 0. People who pre-order or purchase the PlayStation 4 game at launch will see their standard copy upgraded to The Business Edition for free.

SEGA also announced the Yakuza Business edition, though that seems to be only confirmed for North America at the moment. This edition contains a stainless steel business card holder with Kiryu’s dragon tattoo design on it. The holder will have bilingual business cards related to enterprises in Yakuza 0. Yakuza 0 will be available to pre-order digitally, and this will net those who do a static theme.

Check out the ‘Kiryu’ Trailer:

“So, put yourself in Kiryu’s shoes. You do the job, hand off the money, and afterwards, you call — er, page (It’s 1988, remember!) — your best bud and you hit the town. You unwind a bit by sobering some drunks up with your fists, you have a few drinks yourself, you hit the karaoke machine, and you end the night where any good night ends — a little ramen joint. All in all, a good day’s work, right? Right.

Wait… what’s that news on the TV? That guy you just worked over has turned up dead? Uh oh. Your pager starts beeping like crazy. It’s a message from headquarters — the crime family you work for. And it’s got the little code for “urgent” in front of the number. That ramen in your stomach is starting to feel real heavy because now the police and others are going to start poking their noses in your crime family’s business, and take a wild guess how much the head of the family likes having to answer police questioning. That’s where players find themselves when they start off in Yakuza 0. As for Kiryu? He’s going to have to work exceptionally hard if he wants to be alive for lunch.”

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