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Xbox’s new scary games for the Game Pass

Xbox’s new scary games for the Game Pass

Microsoft has announced some scary games available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription including Observer and Outlast, ready for the spooky season.

Game Pass subscribers, will for instance, be able to explore the mouldering corridors of a once-lavish apartment block in Layers of Fear developer Blooper Team’s dazzling sci-fi horror Observer. Here, players take on the role of Daniel Lazarski (voiced by Rutger Hauer) – an Observer detective, capable of entering other people’s memories – as he investigates a message from his estranged son.

The slow, creeping dread as the deteriorating building reveals its secrets is wonderfully orchestrated, but the real stand-out moments come when players are plunged into the disorientating, visually striking memories of witnesses and suspects. It’s good stuff!

If that’s not enough hall-roaming to be getting on with, Game Pass players can also explore the terrifying innards (and suffer the endless of jump scares) of Mount Massive Asylum in developer Red Barrels’ 2013 first-person horror, Outlast. “Stop and peer too long into Outlast’s gloom and you’ll see the zips on the monster costumes,” said Eurogamer at the time of its release, “Take it at at speed and you’ll find a haunted house worth visiting.”

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