Xbox Working Hard With Japanese Developers Says Phil Spencer

In a recent interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer explained how the Japanese market is crucial for the next generation fo Xbox, the American console will benefit from the work of several Japanese developers. Spencer claims that it is Microsoft’s desire to provide Japanese developers the perfect platform for their creations.

Spencer admit that some of the best games produced come from Japan, Xbox Series X will arrive the Japanese market with a completely different approach compared to the PS5.

“We want to be a platform of choice for these games. I am proud of our progress over the past 4 or 5 years. During E3, we have a strong presence of Japanese games on stage. We know that we are not a Japanese manufacturer, we know that we must work to rebuild a climate of trust with Japanese designers.”

“We believe this will happen over time, and we continue to listen to what they need to reach a large audience around the world. I’m proud of what we’re going to show on July 23, I appreciate our roadmap for working directly with Japanese creators to design Xbox games that you will hear about soon” … “We know it is vitally important in our strategy to ensure that we have fascinating Japanese developers, and that they know that the Xbox is a platform on which they can be successful.”

Certanely, Xbox will try to avoid the disastrous launch of previous console in the Japanese market, offering a cheaper alternative for next-gen gaming, and perhaps could even launch before the alleged PS5 launch date.

In recent Xbox news, the company announced that some versions of Xbox One will be discontinued ahead of the launch of Xbox Series X.

Source: vgchartz

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