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Xbox Rumor
Xbox Rumor

Xbox To Host Two Digital Events Soon – Rumor

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According to a new rumor, Xbox is planning to host two digital events to showcase the latest information from developers and perhaps more information about the Xbox Series X. The events will follow a “Next Generation” format, one event will be streamed in May, this event is planned to do a properly reveal of the console by Phil Spencer, and will also announce new games and demos.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

The second digital event would be hosted on June, and will reveal all the information that should’ve been revealed at E3 2020. The allegedly leaker says that, Microsoft is still working on the details of both events. Xbox first-party developers would reveal their biggest project, the rumor claims that “a lot of tech” will be revealed, Unreal Engine 4 importance in new projects will be confirmed.

Fable is one of these showcase games. A fantasy monster. I haven’t seen it personally, but I got told it looks beautiful. They try to build the whole fantasy world with hand-crafted photogrammetry, yet the world will throw in a mix of procerural generation for bigger scale. Complete RPG systems in place, focus on great third-person fights and fluid animations. From the sounds of it, I expect the game to hit in 2022.

Big exclusive new IP coming from a Japanese studio. No further details known.

Halo Infinite has a huge open-world you can explore, yet the story missions themselves are linear to still be able to progress through the story in a more classic way. Optional exploration. It’s a much more ambitious campaign this time around, not your usual 6-9 hours Halo campaign. They are doing one very bold move for multiplayer, which will surprise people, but this move has the potential bring Halo MP back among the top played games on Xbox.

As all unofficial information and, specially, if it comes from 4chan, should be taken with a grain of salt, most of the rumors and so called leaks, are debunked a few days later.

Source: 4Chan/v/

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