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Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X’s 1TB Expansion Card Costs 219 USD

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Seagate has confirmed today the MSRP for its 1TB expansion card for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the device is now available at Best Buy for 219.99USD.

A few weeks ago, several rumors affirmed that Seagate’s 1TB Xbox Expasion Card would be sold for over 200 USD, the leaks images and worries are true, the propietary expansion card is expensive and makes a Xbox Series S a console that will be expensive in the long run.

Xbox Series X features a 1TB SSD, the console also features a disc drive, Xbox Series S is a completely different story, the discless console only fetures 512GB, making it very limited for next-gen games.

To make the storage of next-gen Xbox comprehensive, Xbox released today a blog post in which the company explains how the expansion card works and what games are supported on non propietary expansion drives.

Therefore, decisions relative to storage, both internal and expansion, were a critical element of the design of Series X|S. Our teams focused on three storage priorities: performance, choice and accessibility.

Seagate’s expansion card is fast enough to feature the new ‘Xbox Velocity Architecture’, this technology allows developers to radically improve asset streaming and effectively multiply available memory.

The Xbox Velocity Architecture is at the core of our next generation consoles. In addition to providing a massive leap in performance and reduction in load times, the Xbox Velocity Architecture provides the foundation for new levels of innovation and transformative game design and experiences. At the heart of the Xbox Velocity Architecture is our custom NVME SSD to store and play all your games at their best.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are capable of extending the internal storage via an external HDD through its USB 3.2 port, players will be able to run Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox games via USB, however, next-gen games will only be supported via Seagate’s Expansion Card.

The USB 3.1 storage you use today will be plug and play compatible with Xbox Series X|S. Support for high speed USB 3.1 storage was important to make the storage and transition of large game libraries easy and accessible to everyone.

You can also use USB 3.1 storage to store next generation games, optimized to take full advantage of the Xbox Velocity Architecture, for quick transfer and play on Series X|S.

On a positive note, Xbox affirms that Xbox Series S games will be optimized for 1440p gameplay, next-gen games will take 30% less storage when compared to the same game on Series X.

Source: XboxBest Buy

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