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Xbox Series X Logo Spotted in a Trademark Listing

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Reddit users have found a trademark listing by Microsoft, the listing shows what it may be the console final logo. The description of the trademark “The mark consists of the word SERIES in a vertical formation to the right of which appears a stylized letter X.”

While Xbox branding is nowhere to be seen in the logo, the listing is is made by Microsoft, and the listing says that the logo is meant to be used on videogames, consoles, controllers and electronic devices.

This new logo might be Microsoft’s way to differentiate the Xbox Series S ‘Lockhart’ and Xbox Series X the most powerful system. According to recent information from WindowsCentral, the Xbox Lockhart or, Series S is being tested at home by Microsoft’s designers. The outlet seems confident to predict that Microsoft might reveal more information about Xbox Lockhart at an upcoming showcase of Microsoft’s newest Surface model.

WindowsCentral has been one of the leading reporters of the latest information of the Xbox “Lockhart” platform. Representing Microsoft’s replacement for the Xbox One X. Lockhart is expected to ditch the optical drive for a more compact design and a overall lower production cost, the console would also have a discrete hardware capable of playing next gen games, delivering around 4 TFLOPs. Lockhart would still conserve some of the key components that boast the Series X for the next generation. The NVMe storage device is still expected to be present at Xbox Lockhart.

Reddit users are already anticipating a Series S logo to be trademarked or revealed soon, which adds to the expectation and hype that the modest Xbox is building.

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